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A LEER truck cap is a protective shell cover that fits securely over the truck bed to enclose the space. Here at LINE-X of Ottawa, LEER truck caps are among our favorite truck accessories because they offer superior truck bed protection in addition to a host of other benefits that make Ottawa activities more achievable. In today’s post, we’ll review the top five benefits of installing a truck cap on your pickup this summer.

leer topper on silver truck in autumn


Whether you use your pickup for work, for play, or for everyday use, whatever you use your truck bed for, you surely want to keep. Whether you are hauling lumber, your kayak, or your dogs, you want to ensure that no one messes with them while you aren’t at your truck. A LEER truck cap allows you to safely lock your cargo inside the bed of the pickup to prevent theft and offer peace of mind.


For the true Ottawan adventurer, a truck cap offers an enclosed space that can be used to transport your pets safely and offers you a secure place to stay while you are camping. Truck bed camping is becoming increasingly popular as it is more flexible and simple than RV camping and safer and more comfortable than traditional tent camping: add window tinting to help control temperature and increase privacy.


Pickups are known to be fuel guzzlers. Even when you select a diesel, you’re probably looking for ways to do “truck things” while decreasing your fuel consumption. A truck cap is a fairly easy and convenient way to improve your truck’s fuel efficiency. A truck cap reduces wind drag across the bed, thereby improving fuel efficiency and allowing you to maintain speeds when driving against the wind.


Add some style (and functionality) to your pickup with a custom truck cap. Complete your pickup’s look with windows, dividers, and racks to enhance the overall look of your truck and improve storage solutions and “interior design” to the bed. Rather than slapping any truck cap on your rig, connect with LINE-X of Ottawa to find the LEER truck cap made for your truck. Discover a wide range of styles and colors to complete the look of your truck.


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to installing a truck cap is the protection it offers your truck’s bed. By creating a barrier between your bedliner and the elements, you can prevent rust, discoloration, and the accumulation of dust and debris. Add an extra layer of bed protection from what you put in your pickup by pairing your truck cap with LINE-X spray-on protective coating.

At LINE-X of Ottawa, we carry a full line of LEER truck toppers and tonneau covers for Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Toyota, and Nissan for work and play. Optimize your truck cap with windows and toy rails as well. To outfit your pickup with a custom truck cap, connect with your local LINE-X location today. Visit LINE-X of Ottawa online or contact one of our four local locations to speak with an expert today!