Spray-On Protective Coating

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Many people invest in spray-on liners for their trucks. After all, there are many benefits of these protective coatings as we learned in our last blog. Some of these benefits include protecting the bed of your pickup from the elements and dents and scratches, forming a non-slip surface, and having a very cool look and appeal. Did you know that protective liners can go on other vehicles and offer the same wonderful benefits?

LINE-X of Ottawa offers the best truck bed protectors for your truck and other vehicles. In addition, we offer an array of truck accessories, such as LEER truck toppers, tool boxes, back racks, bull bars, floor mats, and Tonneau covers. Below, we’ll go over some of the many vehicles that you can apply a LINE-X spray-on liner. Contact us to get started today!

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Boats and other types of watercraft, such as jet skis, can benefit greatly from a LINE-X spray-on bedliner. LINE-X protective coatings go on great on the keel and bottom of the boat, protecting it from leaks and bumps and bruises from objects in shallow water. Protective coatings can also repair chipped and damaged hulls. Plus, try a LINE-X coating on your marine ramp for the ultimate in non-slip protection.


By the very nature of ATVs and UTVs, they most definitely could benefit from a LINE-X protective coating. After all, ATVs and UTVs are used most frequently for off-road adventures. This often takes you on unpaved roads, over huge boulders, and across streams. You may even visit a sand dune or two as well. This use can take its toll on your ATV or UTV. However, if you have a great truck bed liner spray, you can fend off these bumps, dents, and scratches and protect all areas of your ATV or UTV, such as the undercarriage, sides, and more.

Golf Carts

Let’s face it, anyone can drive a golf cart — or so they say. This means that golf carts can take a beating in their own right, especially when they are used as bumper cars when drivers aren’t quite paying attention. By applying LINE-X spray-on bed liners to your golf carts, you can ensure your golf carts sustain a minimal amount of damage, while looking cool in the process.

Heavy Equipment

There’s no doubt that your heavy equipment sustains wear and tear, probably on a daily basis. After all, the job of heavy equipment is to move cumbersome materials that aren’t exactly made out of balls of fluff. From moving rocks and soil to lifting heavy boulders and construction materials, heavy equipment can get scratches and dents almost from its first day of use. Thus, when you invest in heavy equipment, you can help to extend its shelf life by coating it with LINE-X truck bed liners from LINE-X of Ottawa. Our expert technicians have years of experience in applying protective coatings to all manners of heavy equipment. Call our truck accessory shop to get started today!

Motorhomes and Trailers

Motorhomes and trailers are excellent vehicles to protect with LINE-X protective coatings, especially if you use your motorhome extensively. Like any vehicle, motorhomes, trailers, and campers can suffer the slings and arrows of the open road, from rocks to dirt, grime, and rain. By investing in truck bed liners for these vehicles, you can protect them from the bumps of the road.

Aftermarket Parts

Here at LINE-X of Ottawa, we perform a lot of protective coating requests on aftermarket parts, especially parts for trucks. From bumpers to roll cages, winch mounts, and hoods, you can have long-lasting and durable protection that can add more strength and can extend the life of these important parts for your vehicle.

Durable Truck Bed Liner


LINE-X of Ottawa offers amazing benefits for almost any vehicle and part on the market. They offer rust and corrosion protection, impact and abrasion resistance, slip resistance, and UV stability. Protective coatings in a sense add another layer to whatever you apply them to, making them stronger and longer-lasting. Since LINE-X spray-on bedliners form a permanent bond to the vehicle it is applied to, whether that is metal, fiberglass, wood, or concrete, no water can penetrate. This means that rust won’t form and any impact from objects such as rocks are better absorbed.

LINE-X of Ottawa has been offering truck bed liners and protective coatings since 1999 for every type of vehicle imaginable. We have four locations to better serve you with our high-quality products and professional services. We treat our customers like family, striving for 100% customer satisfaction. We understand that you want to enjoy the time you have free, which is why we offer truck accessories as well. If you are interested in any of our services, including window tinting and van upfitting, contact us today!